Welcome to Burntwood Foot Health and Reflexology Clinic

Burntwood Foot Health and Reflexology Clinic provide all your routine foot care including toenail cutting, treatment of corns, callus, cracked heels, fungal nail infection, athletes foot, foot pain, etc. We also complete Diabetic Foot Health checks and are trained to carry out treatments on diabetic patients. We are fully insured and registered leaving you and your loved ones in safe hands. So if your feet are in need of some TLC then contact us.


Reflexology is a specialist treatment where pressure points on the hands or feet a stimulated using various techniques. It can leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Many people find reflexology helps with various ailments including stress, anxiety and pain.

Corns are often caused by pressure. There are two main types of corns. Soft and hard corns. Hard corns (as pictured) are small areas of hardened and dry skin that are usually the size of a pea. Soft corns (often found in between your toes) are a whitish colour and feel rubbery in texture due to the fact they don`t dry out because of sweat and inadequate drying.

Callus is areas of hard skin most often found on the soles of your feet. Callus can vary in size, from small areas the size of a pea to large areas which can cover most of the foot. Callus is most often caused by friction.

Fungal nail infections are common and are caused by the same fungus that causes athletes foot. Toe nails are prone to this type of infection due. Infections can occur in just one nail but sometimes can spread to all of your nails.  Nails can become thick, discoloured and begin to crumble. Sometimes they can cause pain.

Foot Pain

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