Most of us spend the majority of our days on our feet. We put them through lots of stress by squeezing them into shoes which are often dark, damp and don`t fit properly. Many of us practice running, playing sports or work in jobs where our feet are not in ideal environments. All of these things can take its toll on our feet and mean they start showing signs of problems and disease. Some illnesses will also effect the feet such as diabetes and heart disease. As we age the likelihood of you developing foot and nail problems increase and your ability to take care of your feet reduces which means as we age many of us need the help of a foot professional. Foot and nail problems can be unsightly, cause pain and even lead to mobility issues, so it is important to keep your feet healthy and ask for help if you need it. 

Seeing a Foot Health Professional regularly can help you keep problems at bay, help stop them getting any worse and even stop them occurring in the first place. As a Foot Health Practitioner, my job is to keep your feet as healthy as can be, leaving you happy and comfortable.

During a Routine Foot Health Appointment with me you can expect all of the following:

  • Toe nails trimmed / cut / filed and treatment of the following:

  • Hard skin / Callus / Cracked heels.

  • Corns.

  • Fungal nail infection.

  • Athletes foot.

  • Ingrown toenail

  • Verrucae.

  • Advice of home treatment and foot care to help you to keep your feet and nails well.

  • I can also trim fingernails for those who struggle.

I also Stock a range of creams and treatments for the above conditions which you can purchase to continue your treatment at home. Many of the creams I stock are only available from Foot Health Professionals.